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1. what it is 4:57
2. sailing to philadelphia 5:29
3. who's your baby now 3:06
4. baloney again 5:09
5. the last laugh 3:22
6. do america 4:12
7. silvertown blues 5:31
8. el macho 5:28
9. prairie wedding 4:26
10. wanderlust 3:52
11. speedway at nazareth 6:22
12. junkie doll 4:34
13. sands of nevada 3:37
14. one more matinee 4:05
--- bonus ---
15. what it is 3.33
(radio edit)
16. the long highway 3.46
17. let´s see you 4:24
18. camerado 2:57

The song Sailing to Philadelphia features a duet with James Taylor The Last Laugh features a duet with Van Morrison Silvertown Blues and One More Matinee feature vocals from Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze Speedway At Nazareth and Prairie Wedding feature vocals from Gillian Welch and David Rawlings Mark Knopfler (vocal and guitars), Richard Bennett guitars and other assorted stringed things in his flight case), Jim Cox (piano and Hammond organ), Guy Fletcher Keyboards and backing vocals), Glenn Worf (bass), Chad Cromwell (drums), Aubrey Haynie (violin on What It Is and Speedway At Nazareth), Paul Franklin (pedal steel on Sailing To Philadelphia, Do America, Prairie Wedding, Wanderlust, Speedway At Nazareth, Sands of Nevada and One More Matineé), Danny Cummins (percussion on Who's Your Baby Now, El Macho and One More Matineé), Jim Hoke (harmonica and autoharp on Baloney Again), Jim Horn (tenor and baritone sax on The Last Laugh), Wayne Jackson (trumpet on The Last Laugh), Harvey Thompson (tenor sax on The Last Laugh), Frank Ricotti (marimba on El Macho), Mike Haynes (flugel horn on El Macho, flugel horn and trumpet on One More Matinee), and Mike Henderson (mandolin on Junkie Doll). Additional backing vocals by Robert Bailey, Louis Nunley, Duane Starling and Chris Willis (on Baloney Again) and Chris Rodriguez and Tim Davis (on El Macho). Written by: Mark Knopfler Produced by: Mark Knopfler and Chuck Ainlay Recorded at: Emerald Sound Studios, Nashville, USA Year: 2000 Format: CD Label: Mercury Reference No: 542 477 2 Songs: 13 Total Time: 60:31