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[1.]  (DUE TO) GUN CONTROL  5:54
[3.]  HEART AND SOUL  4:06
[4.]  ASSASSIN OF LOVE  4:09
[5.]  SPANISH JACK  3:49
[6.]  MIRACLE  4:51
[7.]  ANGEL EYES  4:48
[8.]  NIGHTFALLS  4:48
[10.]  STORYBOOK LOVE  4:26
Bonus Track from the 1980 film Cruising
[11.]  HEAT OF THE MOMENT  2:54
[12.]  PULLIN' MY STRING  1:53
[13.]  IT'S SO EASY  2:10

Musician credits for Miracle tracks: 
Mark Knopfler - Guitar (all) 
Guy Fletcher - Keyboards (all) 
Jamie Lane - Drums (4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10) 
Mickey Feat - Bass (all except 1) 
Margot Buchanan and Vicki Brown - Backing Vocals (1,3,4,6) 
Errol 'Crusher' Bennett - Percussion (2, 3, 4, 7, 9) 
Jeff Porcaro - Drums (2, 6) 
Chet Atkins - Guitar (3) 

® & © 1994, Raven Records. P.O. Box 2027 East Ivanhoe 3079 Australia. 
AII rights reserved. Unauthorised duplication is a criminal offence. 
Compiled and conceived by Glenn A. Baker, Kevin Mueller and Peter Shillito. 
Issued by arrangement with PolyGram Australia (tracks 1-10) and Sony Music Australia (tracks 11-13). 
Interview track courtesy of Billy Pinnell. Thanks to Diana Williams, Brent Currie, 
Deborah Brown, Billy Pinnell, John Dowler.

Artwork by Jacki Stane at ADCO Advertising, Sydney.
Mastered by Warren Barnett. 
AII songs written by Willy DeVille except 2 by Van Morrison 
and 5 by Willy DeVille and Mark Knopfler. 

AMCOS ALSO AVAILABLE: Mink DeVille Spanish Stro1l1977-87 (RVCD-32) 

PRODUCED BY MARK KNOPFLER, engineered by Steve Jackson, assisted by Karl Lever. 
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain, assisted by Jay Healy. 
Thanks to: Ed Bicknell, Paul Cummins, Lance Freed, Amy Siegel, C.E. Legget. 
Dedicated to Mark and Lourdes Knopfler for their support which was 
nothing short of a Miracle in a time of Dire Straights. 
Inspiration: Lisa's Angel Eyes, Heart and Soul Back Panel Art Direction and Design: Melanie Nissen,
Photography: Rocky Schenk. 

Mark Knofpfler appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records for Ihe U.S. 
and Canada and courtesy of Phonogram Ltd., for Ihe resl oflhe world. 
Jeff Porcaro and Chat Atkins appear courtesy of Columbia Records.

Cruising tracks produced by Jack Nitzsche.

Year: 1980     Format: CD     Label: RVCD     Reference No: 41     Tracks: 14     Total Time: 60:44