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1. Where Are You Tonight  [4' 04]
2. Roller Coaser  [3' 29]
3. You Make Me Feel So Good  [3' 39]
4. My Old Lady  [3' 41]
(N. Gravenites)
5. Sugar Baby  [2' 34]
6. Rock Steady Woman  [4' 07]
7. Louise  [3' 20]
8. What's The Time  [2' 24]
9. Midnight Special  [4' 51]
(Al Smith)
10. Dreaming  [4' 28]


The Drop began in the Iata sixties with Big Ron and various other players being
dragged aut of the pub in the High.

Wycombe area and forced to play. In 1971, the situation became serious and they 
became ona of the hardest gigging bands in the country and unable to spend much 
time in the pub.

An album was released which refleeted the live stage act and enjoyed same commercial
success, bul circa 1973 times changed and new men arrived in the band.

At an audition in the Nags Head, High Wycombe, among the 30 or so hopefuls one man 
turned up with a Red Gibson guitar, a flat hat, a big grin and a Northern accent.
He plugged his axe in and immediately made a great impression.

The job was proffered without haste and the deal struck over a round or three
of beers. Mark Knopfler was now in the band!

Around this time, the Droop were part ways through recording sama tracks in the middle
of nowhere, lhal being the only place that would tolerate them. The very same tracks 
mentioned were done with Mark and a new bass player - Stave Norchi, with much 
production help from Dave Edmunds. Sama of these tracks are featured on this album.

Brewers Droop began as a good rocking Cajun band and progressed to what you haBr 
on this disc. They are today set to rise again from the pu, sorry, the shadows -
- 50 watch aut, but meanwhile listen and enjoy this record and hear the fledgling
Mark Knopfler cultivate the sound that was to make Dire Straits a World-wide
success story.

Mark Knopfler
1: Guitars; 4 & 6: Guitar
Pick Withers
3 & 8: Drums; 8: Spoons
Dave Edmunds
2, 9& 10: produced by Dave Edmunds
7: produced by Dave Edmunds & Kingsley Ward
10: Pedal Steel, Harp, Banjo, Double Bass, Secret Sound, Background Vocals

Year: 2000     Format: CD     Label: LaserLight     Reference No: 21 448
Tracks: 10     Total Time: 36:47