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1 - Dixie Flyer* - 4:10 
2 - New Orleans Wins The War* - 3:27 
3 - Four Eyes** - 3:34 
4 - Falling In Love*** - 3:00 
5 - Something Special** - 3:07 
6 - Bad News From Home* - 2:45 
7 - Roll With The Punches* - 3:29 
8 - Masterman And Baby* - 3:27 
9 - Red Bandana** - 2:35 
10 - Follow The Flag* - 2:16 
11 - It'S Money That Matters* - 4:04 
12 - I Want You To Hurt Like I Do** - 4:07 
P r o d u c e d   B y :

All songs written by Randy Newman

C r e d i t s :
Randy Newman: Piano, Vocals, Background Vocals, Keyboards 
Mark Knopfler: Guitars, Background Vocals 
Guy Fletcher: Synclavier; Leland Sklar: Bass Guitar; Carlos Vega: Drums 
Jeff Lynne: Background Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass Guitar 
Tom Petty: Background Vocals, Guitars 
Dana Drum: Background Vocals; Bob Hilburn, Jr.: Background Vocals;
Adrienne Howell: Background Vocals; Nicole Jones: Background Vocals 
Jesse Kanner: Background Vocals; Kevin Maloney: Background Vocals, Synclavier 
Deborah Neal: Background Vocals; Jeannie Novak: Background Vocals 
Twila Rice: Background Vocals; Karen Verkoelen: Background Vocals 
Frank Wolf: Background Vocals; James Newton Howard: Synthesizer, Keyboards 
David Paich: Synthesizer; Larry Fast: Synthesizer; Michael Boddicker: Synthesizer 
Robbie Weaver: Synclavier; Steve Lukather: Guitars; Michael Landau: Guitars 
Dean Parks: Guitars; Buzz Feiten: Guitars; Nathan East: Bass Guitar 
Neil Stubenhaus: Background Vocals; Jeff Porcaro: Drums; John Robinson: Drums 
Lenny Castro: Percussion; Jerry Hey: Trumpet, Fluegelhorn 
Daniel Higgins: Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo 
Marc Russo: Saxophone; William Reichenbach: Altr Trombone, Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone 
Shahin Chandrasoma: Chorus; Michael Goldberg: Chorus; David Kater: Chorus 
Carol Keiser: Chorus; Cameron Murphy: Chorus; Joseph Nalevansky: Chorus 
Michael Nelson: Chorus; Shinichiro Ohyama: Chorus; Eric Scott: Chorus 
Gregory Starbird: Chorus; Jed Whedon: Chorus; Jeannine Wagner: Chorus 
Mike Campbell: Guitars; Phil Jones: Drums 
Year: 1988     Format: CD     Label: WARNER BROS.     Reference No: 925 773-2
Tracks: 12     Total Time: 40:11