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Gibson Chet Atkins
Nylon Strung, Solid Body
Used on 'Private Investigations' - came complete with pick-up and electronics.

Gibson ES 175, Sunburst
a beautiful example of this type, it was used with a Fender Vibrolux on 'Would you Could you' from Willy de Ville's 1987 'Assassin of Love' Album.

Gibson Les Paul, 1984
Re-issue modified so that the central position on the pick-up selector connects them 'out of phase'. Used on 'Brothers in Arms' with Marshall JTM$% head and Marshall 4x12 with EV speakers, 'Money for Nothing' and 'You and Your Friend' (through Soldano and Marshall 4x12).

Gibson Les Paul, Sunburst 1986
Unmodified Les Paul, a custom re-issue.

36 National
National makes an appearence on 'Telegraph Road' tuned to Bb(F,Bb,F,Bb,D,F,low to high) and capoed at the 3rd fret.

Pensa-Suhr, Flame Maple
'My Pensa-Suhr enables me to play with a lot more power that a Strat and it's more flexible. I've got more range on it than most other guitars.

Pensa-Suhr, Black
Flat top, black lacquer finish. Precursor of the flame maple version. Whammy bar fitted (up and down). Used on 'Assassin of Love' (Willy de Ville), through a Boogie MkIII head and a Marshall 4x12, and 'So Far Away', and 'Why Worry' (live version)

N.S. Phillips Acoustic Guitar
Known as 'Nobby 12', this guitar was made by Mark's friend and fellow Notting Hillbilly, Steve 'Nobby' Phillips. So called because the neck joins the body at the 12th fret, it is one of Mark's favourites.

Ramirez Spanish 1990
Mark's favourite nylon strung Spanish Classical Ramirez - used on 'Private Investigations' - came complete with pick-up and electronics and is backed up with a nylon strung Gibson Chet Atckins.

70's Red Schecter Strat
Knopfler's main axe before the Pensa-Suhr.

Gibson Super 400 ModelCES
Knopfler's prized 1953 Gibson Super 400 (it's got the original Alnico pickups) is a relative newcomer. Ron Eve (Knopfler's guitar tech) puts D'Addario XL115W(.011s, with a wound 3rd) on this beauty.

Gretsch 'SuperChet' Model 7690
Given to Mark by Chet Atckins, this beautiful and highly figured guitar can be heard on Willy de Ville's 'Heart and Soul' from the Assassin of Love' album.

Schecter 'Tele', Black
Often used for a heavier sound combined with a Boogie MKIII top and a Marshall 4x12 (with EV's), it can be heard on 'Miracle' from the 'Assassin of Love' album.